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  • Virtual Launch of 'The Sea Tales' -  April 2020
  • Virtual Launch of 'The Rainbow Connection' & 'The Sea Tales Audiobook' - November 2020
  • Virtual Book Reading for 'The Sea Tales' - May 2021
  • Release of 'The Sea Tales' audiobook on Scribd


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I, Keri Amanda Kitson, have been writing for the past fifteen years. I was raised in the twin-Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, and currently reside in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad.

When I was younger, I was an avid reader of fantasy and romance novels, and this love of reading nudged me into writing. To date, I have written and published 5 books. My first book 'Estrel' was published in 2012, and since then, I have written and published 2 more young adult ('YA') fiction books and 2 children's books. My YA fiction books fall within the purview of the magical realism genre, while my children's books have an environmental theme.

My journey as a writer has been a labour of love, and I wish to thank everyone who has joined me along the way. I do hope that  you will continue to be inspired to make a positive difference in this global village that we all call home.

           A Reading of 'The Sea Tales' by Kylee Fountain

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          A Reading of 'The Sea Tales' by Shiloh Atwell

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   Release of Virtual Reading of Chapter One of 'The Sea Tales' on May 27th 2021

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Keri Amanda Kitson is a bona fide water baby with an addiction to cheese and a love of roti. She has a weakness for Korean dramas and is also a pushover for old classic movies made between the 1930s and the 1960s. Her sporty side likes to snap pictures while out swimming in the Caribbean sea as she currently resides in the Island of Trinidad. Her avid love of the sea especially Macqueripe Bay has at times, led others to mistakenly believe that she may be a lifeguard, especially when she walks with her rescue can. 

Nonetheless, it is her penchant for popping in and out of various places that led her to become a Level 7 Local Google Guide. During moments of nostalgia, she dusts off her treasure trove of memories and reviews her pictures at https://maps.app.goo.gl/YexaTthWxgTctyfR7.  Her pictures are put to good use, as it is quite evident, that though her hairstyles may change from time to time, she still remains one and the same person. Her current adventures takes place online, as she adapts to the nifty world of online meetings which enables her to be in three different locations at the same time.

Keri is a graduate of Bishop Anstey High School, St. Francis College, the University of the West Indies and Hugh Wooding Law School. She has lived in New York, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago over the past twenty years, and looks forward to the borders re-opening in the not too distant future. Until then, Keri continues to appreciate the blessings of life, family and community as perfects her writing craft.