Keri's debut novel 'Estrel' was first self-published in 2012. Her first children's book 'The Tree Tales' was published in 2013, while her latest novel 'Alyssa' was published in 2016. She still considers herself a novice writer in the genre of magical realism and hopes to perfect her writing craft which begun during her days at university in 2005, as a de-stress mechanism and eventually blossomed into books.  

Meet Young Adult and Children's Author Keri Kitson

            ~~'Alyssa' is finally here!~~

The second installment in the Estrel series is a chronicle of the life of Alyssa Jade Jeremieu Shulto de Tierney. Alyssa's journey through life commences as the daughter of the Mage King and his Consort. In her latter years, she finds herself  living an inconspicuous life as the wife of a country merchant. As she makes her final journey she recalls how her choices lead her to redemption.

Keri A. Kitson

                     - Blurb for 'Alyssa'

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